About us


Pakistan Rural Initiatives for Emergency Preparedness, Response and Development herein referred as (PREPARED) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political Humanitarian Relief and Development Organization working to help those affected by Disasters/Emergencies, Conflicts and Poverty in Pakistan since 2008. PREPARED is registered under section 20 of Societies Registration Act., 1860 in July 2011. PREPARED is also officially registered in Sindh under section 20 of Societies Registration Act., 1860. PREPARED also got registered from FATA Social Welfare Department in 2015.

Overall Vision of the Organization:

PREPARED vision is “a just and peaceful society where justice, dignity and revere prevail and where all live in a peaceful, tolerant and self-sustaining society with full potential and capacities to withstand against the shocks and without any discrimination of class, cast, ethnicity and religion to participate and contribute in the nation building on sustainable basis”.

Mission Statement of the Organization:

PREPARED will engage to promote human development by responding to emergency response, preparedness and sustainable development initiatives, by directly working with communities, based on our commitment to mutual learning and the need to address the root causes of insecurity, injustices and poverty.


Strategic Objectives of the Organization:

At present, KPK and FATA regions are at the crossroads of drastic socio-political and economic changes owing to several grave disasters, emergencies and crises in the aftermath of the earnest war on terror at the turn of the century, the 2005 earthquake, several intermittent floods including the massive flooding of 2010, 2011, 2012 and droughts as well as the more recent humongous internal displacements caused by militant insurgency in KPK and FATA and more so, the ever amplified poverty and declining social indicators confronts our civil society, humanitarians and social organizations with ever greater challenges and increasing needs for dedicated workers and organization to come forward with higher missions and self motivated humane objectives to serve and cater the much escalated public needs for service delivery and humanitarian responses to support national institutions and key stakeholders.

PREPARED’ to contribute to the national plan and strategies, for instant upshots of development and relief support initiatives for affected communities, will respond to disasters & emergencies by providing Relief and Rehabilitation to the affected communities. PREPARED will carry out Early Recovery alongside a consistent and long term Sustainable Development Programme as its main objectives by working in partnership with National and International humanitarian organizations, government and donors. It also aims to address the problems of marginalized communities by involving them into productive activities and programmes to reduce poverty and enhance economic growth.