Organizational structure

Organizational structure:

PREPARED is formally governed by a seven member Board of Directors (BODs) which is supreme policy and decision making body consisting of development professionals most of whom have decades of experience in development and humanitarian sector. The Board meets once a year, assess progress and provides policy guidelines. The Chief Executive Officer is the members of the board and assisted by an informal nine member advisory council (technical advisors) consisting of experts on DRR, education, health, physical infrastructure, research, communication, livelihood, renewable energy, natural resource management etc. The board is headed by a Chairman who alongside other board members is all professional in their respective fields.


The Chief Executive Officer is ensuring the implementation of policies provided by the board and, on behalf of the Committee, answerable to the Board of Directors on the implementation of policies and progress of the organization. He consults with the Board and whenever required, with Advisory council on regular basis.


A six member executive committee, of which the chief executive is a member, will meet on fortnightly basis. It will assess progress and day to day management policy. Decisions are to be taken with consultation and consensus.


Good governance within the organization is ensured through numerous policy tools and guidelines, approved by the Board of Directors which include but is not limited to, Human Resource Management Standards, Financial Management Standards, Field Operation Manuals and several other monitoring tools.



PREPARED has developed a Programme Section with two strategic sub sections including Programme Development (Growth) and a Programme Implementation (PI). Both sections will get support from  sub units including (RE&D) Research, Evaluation and Development, IT & Communication (IT&C) unit, Donor Cooperation and Coordination (DCC) unit, Human Resource and Institutional Development (HRID) Unit and Infrastructure and Engineering unit (I&E). The Programme Section will be led by the Specialist Programme Director while the sub sections including Programme Development Section and Program Implementation Section is supervised by highly competent managers and officers for programme development and implementation. Principles of efficiency and economy will prevail to maintain stringent selection and highly competitive, proficient and enabled staff that is capable and empowered to implement high quality planning and implementation and maintaining rich efficacy on international standards in humanitarian relief and social development sector interventions for successful high productivity low cost paradigm.


Meanwhile a Director of Management Quality will lead the PREPARED Program Support Section including sub program support sections, like Finance, Administration, and Logistics which will again be managed by professional managers, officers and assistants. The Admin, Finance and Logistics sections will be providing support role to Programme Section including programme development as well as programme implementation activities.


The chief executive officer (CEO) will spearhead the over-all organizational responsibility. However, the full Program Management Structure will gradually be developed and implemented subject to availability of funding and its portfolio.



Executive Committee (Governing Body)

# Name Designation Qualification Experience Contact
1 Gul Wali Khan CEO MA-Peshawar University

Bachelor Degree (Emergency Management) from Charles Sturt University of Australia/ IDRM Philippines (Distance learning Education)

More than 23 years of practical experience in Humanitarian field

UNDP: 3 Years

UNICEF:2.5 Years

FATA-DC: 3 Months

CRS (Pakistan, Sudan and Zimbabwe): 17 years

PREPARED: 6.5 Years

0301 560 2469
2 Nasir  Khan Director Operations MA Peshawar University More than 18 Years of practical experience as HR/Admin Manager, Logistic Manager, Project Assistant, Field Monitor and Warehouse Manager etc

CRS-16 Years

PREPARED- 6.5 Years

3 Fateh Khan Jadoon Program Manager  MA-Political Science

Hazara University

9 Years of Practical Experience in Disaster Management, Relief Assistance, DRR, Education, Shelter, WASH & Livelihoods project in KP, Sindh & Baluchistan

-Aurat Association -6 Months

-CRS-7 Years


4 Waseem Khan Program Manager MBA (Professional),

B-Tech (Hons)

More than 14 Years of practical Experience in WASH, Shelter, Community Infrastructure and Schools construction. Worked as Technical Advisor 6 Years in CRS

PREPARED-5.5 Years

5 Muhammad Raees Finance Manager M.Com Malakand  of University 7 Years in Finance Management finance/Auditing

CRS 2 years

NCHD 1 Year

1 year in District  Account office in Swat

1 year in Peace

6 months in PRCS

5 Years in PREPARED

6 Akhlaq Ahmad Khattak Operations Manager M.Com Peshawar University More than 10 Years experience in Finance Management finance/Auditing

CRS 2 Years

3 Years CHF-International

5 Months Afghanistan Quick Logistics Company & Kandahar Transport Company Kandahar

5.3 years with PREPARED

1.5 Years with NCHD